Hohner Double Puck

Hohner Double Puck, Richter Harmonica

Item number: 7401116
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Richter Harmonica • Key: C/G • Tuning: Major • Number of reeds: 40 • Coverplate finishing: Gold plated • Body material: Plastic • Reed plate thickness: 0,9 mm • Accessories: Oval case • Double Puck from Hohner The smallest double-sided harmonica in the world. This has turned out to be a real gem. With a length of only 68mm, the Double Puck is the smallest mass produced double-sided harmonica ever made. It is tuned to the keys of C and G, permitting many well-known tunes to be played with a sound which is simply unbelievable for its size. The excellent workmanship is underlined by the high-quality gold-plated cover plates and unique oval case. Key: C-major Reeds: 40 Reed plates: Brass 0.9 mm Comb: Plastic