Hammond XK-3c

Hammond XK-3c, Organ

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Organ • Drawbar Organ • 61-key Tonewheel Organ with 12 Preset Keys, Drawbars, and Tube Preamp and Overdrive • 61 keys and 12 preset keys • Waterfall keys with velocity • Two sets of 9 and one set of two drawbars • Vase III sound generator creates 96 digital tone wheels • Original B-3 reverse colour keys presets • Full polyphony (unlimited) • Split upper and lower Vibrato/Chorus switches • Assignable controller for MIDI instruments • Advanced digital Leslie and Vibrato Scanner • Enhanced dual tube preamp and Overdrive • The Hammond XK-3c Drawbar Organ is the updated version of the Hammond XK-3 keyboard, known as the new B-3. The XK-3c proves the classic tone-wheel sound by utilizing 96-digital tone wheels and reproduces all of the characteristics of the vintage Hammond B-3. The Hammond XK-3 houses two tubes that will change continuously from pre-amp to overdrive mode via a control knob. Other features of the Hammond XK-3 organ includes twelve reverse colour key presets, three sets of drawbars, a 2-rotor digital Leslie, and a six position rotary VIBRATO/CHORUS KNOB, all the features you would expect to find on a Hammond Vintage B-3. Features:
  • 6 Octavs original Hammond "Waterfall"-Keys ( 1 Octave/12 reverse color key presets)
  • Drawbars: 2 sets of 9 and 1 set of 2 drawbars
  • 2 Bass drawbars for original Hammond B-3-bass
  • Real dual tube amp for pre amplification and Leslie overdrive
  • Wooden enclosure
  • Sound Generator: Vase III sound generator creates 96 digital tone wheels. Tone-wheel leakage noise and motor-noise are adjustable wheel by wheel
  • Full polyphony (unlimited)*]
  • Next generation digital Leslie and scanner vibrato
  • Total of 8 reverb modes (Room 1, Room 2, Live House, Hall 1, Hall 2, Church, Plate, Spring)
  • Direct Leslie terminal (11 pin)
  • Tone control (Bass, Midrange, Treble)
  • Pitch bend + modulation wheels

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