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Gibson Historic PR-035 Neck & Bridge Pack « Pickup FrameGibson Historic PR-035 Neck & Bridge Pack, Pickup Frame€ 19,99 Gibson Historic JP-059 Square « Input-Jack PlateGibson Historic JP-059 Square, Input-Jack Plate€ 16,90 Gibson Historic KP-059 Knob Pointers Nickel « Pot KnobGibson Historic KP-059 Knob Pointers Nickel, Pot Knob€ 12,49 Gibson Historic PC-055 "Soapbar" Creme « Pickup CoverGibson Historic PC-055 "Soapbar" Creme, Pickup Cover€ 9,99 Gibson Les Paul Historic P 90 « PickguardGibson Les Paul Historic P 90, Pickguard€ 27,- Gibson Historic AT059, 500K Audio Taper « PotentiometersGibson Historic AT059, 500K Audio Taper, Potentiometers€ 9,90 Gibson Historic Black Plastic « Input-Jack PlateGibson Historic Black Plastic, Input-Jack Plate€ 4,99 Gibson Historic BR-059 Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge « BridgeGibson Historic BR-059 Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, Bridge€ 49,90 Gibson Historic BR-065 Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge « BridgeGibson Historic BR-065 Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, Bridge€ 59,- Gibson Historic Creme Plastic « Input-Jack PlateGibson Historic Creme Plastic, Input-Jack Plate€ 4,99 Gibson Historic DK-030 Backplate Combo / Black « Truss Rod CoverGibson Historic DK-030 Backplate Combo / Black, Truss Rod Cover€ 14,99 Gibson Historic Explorer Chrome « Input-Jack PlateGibson Historic Explorer Chrome, Input-Jack Plate€ 9,99 Gibson Historic Gold « Input-Jack PlateGibson Historic Gold, Input-Jack Plate€ 9,99 Gibson Historic KP-060 Knob Pointers Gold « Pot KnobGibson Historic KP-060 Knob Pointers Gold, Pot Knob€ 16,90 Gibson Historic PC-040 "Dog Ear" Black « Pickup CoverGibson Historic PC-040 "Dog Ear" Black, Pickup Cover€ 9,99 Gibson Historic PC-045 "Dog Ear" Creme « Pickup CoverGibson Historic PC-045 "Dog Ear" Creme, Pickup Cover€ 9,99 Gibson Historic PC-050 "Soapbar" Black « Pickup CoverGibson Historic PC-050 "Soapbar" Black, Pickup Cover€ 9,99 Gibson Historic PG-050 '59 Creme « PickguardGibson Historic PG-050 '59 Creme, Pickguard€ 34,90 Gibson Historic PRWA-020 « SwitchplateGibson Historic PRWA-020, Switchplate€ 4,90 Gibson Historic PTTP-060 Aluminum Tailpiece « TailpieceGibson Historic PTTP-060 Aluminum Tailpiece, Tailpiece€ 119,- Gibson Historic PTTP-070 Wraparound Compensating Bridge « TailpieceGibson Historic PTTP-070 Wraparound Compensating Bridge, Tailpiece€ 114,- Gibson Historic PTTP-080 Aluminum Tailpiece « TailpieceGibson Historic PTTP-080 Aluminum Tailpiece, Tailpiece€ 135,- Gibson Historic TR-061 '61 Truss Rod Cover « Truss Rod CoverGibson Historic TR-061 '61 Truss Rod Cover, Truss Rod Cover€ 22,- Gibson Historic TR-120 '59 Truss Rod « Truss Rod CoverGibson Historic TR-120 '59 Truss Rod, Truss Rod Cover€ 22,90 Gibson PRTK-059 Historic Toggle Switch Caps « Switch ButtonGibson PRTK-059 Historic Toggle Switch Caps, Switch Button€ 14,90


If you are looking for historically correct replacement parts for your Gibson then the Gibson Historic series is right for you. You will find everything to bring your Gibson back up to scratch. The program includes hardware, electronic and plastic parts.