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Marshall MS-2 Microbe « Mini AmpMarshall MS-2 Microbe, Mini Amp€ 26,- Marshall MS-2R Microbe « Mini AmpMarshall MS-2R Microbe, Mini Amp€ 34,- Marshall MRMS-2SJ Microbe Silver Jubilee « Mini AmpMarshall MRMS-2SJ Microbe Silver Jubilee, Mini Amp€ 26,- Marshall MS-4 Microbe « Mini AmpMarshall MS-4 Microbe, Mini Amp€ 33,- Marshall MS-2C Microbe « Mini AmpMarshall MS-2C Microbe, Mini Amp€ 31,-


For those who can't go without their Marshall while on the go Marshall has the best "mini" solution up its sleeve. The Microbe-Miniamps,don't just look the part but cater with their clean and overdrive modes for the good old Marshall sound. Among the Miniamps the microbes undoubtedly have a special status.