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Malekko Omicron Trem « Guitar EffectMalekko Omicron Trem, Guitar Effect£ 104,- Malekko Omicron Spring « Guitar EffectMalekko Omicron Spring, Guitar Effect£ 144,- Malekko Omicron E. Filter « Guitar EffectMalekko Omicron E. Filter, Guitar Effect£ 121,- Malekko Omicron Phase « Guitar EffectMalekko Omicron Phase, Guitar Effect£ 121,- Malekko Omicron Vibrato « Guitar EffectMalekko Omicron Vibrato, Guitar Effect£ 144,-


Having survived the music together for one year together in a band, the two owners of Malekko had the brilliant idea to work together in the business world. The fact that they did not at that time live in the same state allowed an uncontaminated product development on and around a kitchen table. Kitchen tables, in general, and the success of the Barker, named Assmaster forced them to look for a new and appropriate workshop for the growing business. The new production facility was also put a little more of a serious edge to Malekko Heavy Industries. No more broken crockery, and even the parking lot was not littered with the remains of pedals that had been driven over as a punishment for not doing what the guys wanted.
Soon the Echo 800 and Echo 300 appeared on the scene, which are considered by many musicians as two of the best examples of old / new analog technology, and other pedals followed.

Malekko Heavy Industries have now been going for years and promise and produce even more great little pedals, more visionary designs, more hand-made custom pedals, and even more minor accidents. Now recognized worldwide, Malleko thanks for the praise that they continue to receive from musicians and dealers for their products and services.