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- Every guitar is photographed individually. -

We love guitars.

Guitars have been Günter Zierenbergs favourite hobby since he founded Musik Produktiv in 1974. And during the time 2009/10 as the stores noble room for special guitar models went through a complete face lift here in Laggenbeck, the question arose why not a noble room for the internet? Arising from this question came a project with the name "Guitar Gallery", the project took shape and created was the Domain:


You’re probably asking yourself "what the difference is between our Guitar Gallery and another online-shop"? Quite simply: You will not be buying your precious instrument by type description or article number, you will be able to view your chosen piece by means of exquisitely detailed photos, and should there be an extended choice of type. Well it's just a case of being spoilt for choice! Whether you prefer the wood grain by model A or the Vintage treatment by model B, to allow the Guitar Gallery to be what it is supposed to be - namely a gallery! Every single guitar has been elaborately photographed before being released for sale.

Model variety

As with ever new beginning, our proposal of Guitar Gallery has begun small but with class, and to talk from small would no longer be correct, in the meantime the selection in Guitar Gallery has expanded with hundreds of different models from illustrious manufactures such as Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Friedman, Paul Reed Smith, Nik Huber, Haar, Duesenberg, Sandberg, Music Man, the list of names goes on … and on. The selection is also constantly updated and is worth a visit to the gallery anytime. Should your favourite model not be on offer, don't loose faith, because your luck could change with your next visit.


We all know that guitarists are special for the music scene, but if there is something more special than guitarists….then it´s guitar salesmen. Their relationship to the product is so distinctive that the affection germans have for their cars does'nt even compare, and that’s why it´s no wonder that our team in the guitar department take special care of the Guitar Gallery. Should there be any information that you need but can not find, just call our experts or send us an E-mail. We are of course open for any suggestions, ideas and any other feedback because our Guitar Gallery is naturally YOUR Guitar Gallery.

The team introduces itself

  • Tom Wolf

    Tom Wolf

    When I tried my first Guitar chords, my Guitar heroes all played Fender or Gibson Guitars. Interestingly enough that hasn't changed, nor has my love of traditional American Electric Guitars. I've been in the music business for over 30 years, and in that time I've seen a whole lot of Guitars. My former boss once commented that I probably "know" every guitar personally. Well he's right there, because I named em all.

  • Andreas Köster

    Andreas Köster

    When I noticed after 7 years of piano lessons that the Keys were not for me (also noticing that the ladies had their eyes on the guys up front), I dropped the Keys, got an Axe, and started my active career as a Guitarist in a Dance Band at the age of 14. 42 years and about 2000 Gigs later I got the suspision that Heinz Strunk must have followed me every step since my childhood and with "Fleisch ist mein Gemüse" (Meats are my Vegetables) got the credits which were actually due to me.

    I got my first Gig at Musik Produktiv in 1981 as the first Sales Apprentice in the Store. After a few detours, I ended up in the I.T. department where I'm responsible for the Photos in the Guitar Gallery. In the darkroom, I console myself about the fact that I can only own the new and old treasures for the moment and not forever.

  • Günter Zierenberg

    Günter Zierenberg

    As I realised at the beginning of the 70s that studying to be a teacher and/or Top 40 band appearances were not exactly brilliant, Odo the patron saint of musicians, shone his mercy upon me and graced me with another idea to do with the music business. That Musik Produktiv would become very familiar with musicians and still bring inspiring challenges in the 40 years thereafter is down to the great team here and their readiness to try out my sometimes very special ideas and make them reality. The Guitar Gallery is one of them.