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Guitar Effect Electro Harmonix SuperEgo Plus

Electro Harmonix SuperEgo Plus

(5 Ratings)
  • Feature1: Synth Engine/Freeze/Multieffekt
  • Effect Type: Synthesizer
  • Technology: Digital
  • Special Features: combined Freeze Effect and Multi-effect
  • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Controls: Dry, Effect, Attack,Decay, Rate, Depth, Threshold, Layer, Gliss
  • Modes: 10 Effect types, 3 Footswitch Modes
  • Switches: Mode
  • Bypass Mode: Buffered Bypass
  • Including: AC Adapter
  • Power supply: 9 - 9,6 Volt center negative
  • Power Consumption: 200 mA
  • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power
  • Housing size: Big Size
  • Also suitable for bass: yes
  • Country of Origin: USA

Electro Harmonix SuperEgo Plus · Guitar Effect

The freaks at Electro Harmonix have always had a knack for creative and crazy effect pedals. Their latest coup is the SuperEgo Plus pedal. The hold effects familiar from the EHX Freeze and Superego - a single tone or chord is held and quasi "frozen" as long as the foot switch is held. EHX has taken this principle to the extreme with the SuperEgo Plus: the characteristic hold effects can be sent through a multi-effects processor, making them extremely "bent" and processed. Various modulation effects such as flanging, phasing, rotary and tremolo as well as delay and pitch shift programs are available. The SuperEgo Plus can also be controlled in real time using the expression pedal, parameters such as speed, filter and pitch can be controlled using the pedal. With the internal FX loop it is possible to apply external effects to the held signal. The SuperEgo is a real playground for creative sound experimenter, the video clip shows a small selection of the possible uses. Two effect settings can be saved and morphed using the expression pedal.


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(5 Ratings)
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Absolutely unique

Gabriel on 16.02.2018

I owned previous version of Superego and once I started messing around with it I thought “why are there no threshold and attack knobs?”. The gear was just amazing but I could really use those two parameters. Now, in SE+ they not only fixed that, but also added a multi effect – this pedal is just meant to be used with modulation. Moreover, you can swiftly add expression pedal to it, what expands the possibilities beyond the level. Even further, you can use an external pedal controller. For a regular usage of stompboxes, this is something you really look for – I just put a single footswitch at the reach of my feet and it feels like a piano.
Finally, momentary-auto mode is what I was subconsciously expecting of this kind of gear. Very important response facing the competition of PLUS sustain pedal.

I am just delighted to have it. EXH, great job. I am looking forward to seeing next version.

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