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Acoustic Guitar Amps
  • Combos and amplifiers

  • Dust covers for acoustic amps

Brand Schertler


The Swiss developer Stephan Schertler is know best for his pickups. The Schertler story begins in 1985 as Stephan Schertler, whilst searching for the ideal pick up system for his contrabass, decided to make his own. To achieve the desired perfection for reproducing the sound of acoustic stringed instruments the Swiss company Schertler Pro Audio produces electrostatic and electrodynamics pickups that are made to fit for almost any acoustic instrument (Schertler STAT B, Schertler STAT V Set, Schertler DYN-G-SET, Schertler DYN-H-SET, Schertler DYN-C-SET, Schertler DYN-ABG-SET ) Thanks to the right products and a large application range reaching from a single player to a whole orchestra, the Schertler pickup systems have become the standard of amplified acoustic sound. The product range also consists of amplifiers (Schertler DAVID, Schertler UNICO), Loudspeakers (Schertler PUB 280, Schertler SIDE), subwoofers (Schertler PUB 380, Schertler BASS) and accessories: Schertlers active speakers are seen as the best available when looking for a true lifelike reproduction. The know how led to many international patents. Schertler products which are developed and made in Switzerland are exported worldwide. In the USA Gibson, Martin and Santa Cruz have the Stertler BLUESTiCK on same of there higher classed models ( A acoustic guitar pickup with condenser microphone ) Many internationally known artists use Schertler Pickups Chris Tile (Nickel Creek), Emmylou Harris (Gibson-Signature), Dr. Art Davis und Charlie Haden.