Genelec 7050 B

Genelec 7050 B, Active Subwoofer

Item number: 100023392
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Active Subwoofer • Power amp output: 70 watts • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 25 Hz - 85 Hz • Special Features: LSE™ construction for extremely precise reproduction of the lowest frequencies. • Connections: Balanced XLR • External Dimensions: 210 x 350 x 319 mm • Weight: 18 kg • Features:
    Type: Subwoofer Output power : 70 watts Max. SPL (1W / 1 m): 100 dB Nominal impedance : 8 ohms Frequency range: 25 - 85 Hz ±3 dB (LFE 85/120 Hz) Components: 8“ woofer Dimensions: 410 x 350 x 319 mm Weight: 18 kg The new Genelec 7050B LSE subwoofer provides perfect partner to the 8020A ( click : 100023343 ) for both stereo and surround sound applications. The 7050B extends the LF response down to 25 Hz with amazing bass articulation. This is made possible in such a compact enclosure thanks to Genelec´s patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) technology. With 5 main input channels and an LFE channel with 85/120 Hz reproduction bandwidth selection, the 8020A/7050B system fulfills the needs of 5.1 productions. You can also use the 7050B to complement the 8030A monitor.(click : 100014606) The 7050B is designed to complement Genelec´s 8020A active monitors in stereo and surround applications, and the 8030A in stereo only setup. The subwoofer features a single 8" (205mm) proprietary driver with a 70 Watt power amplifier. It has a frequency response from 25 Hz - 85 Hz (± 3dB), and the ability to deliver short term sine wave of 100 dB SPL in half space at 1 metre. Like all Genelec LSE active subwoofers, the 7050B also features extremely low distortion.