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Zoom B3n « Multi Effects BassZoom B3n, Multi Effects Bass£ 122,- Zoom G1Xon « Guitar Multi EffectsZoom G1Xon, Guitar Multi Effects£ 76,- Zoom H2n « Digital RecorderZoom H2n, Digital Recorder£ 134,- Zoom H6 « Digital RecorderZoom H6, Digital Recorder£ 279,- Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator « Acoustic Guitar EffectsZoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator, Acoustic Guitar Effects£ 123,- Zoom APH-2N « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom APH-2N, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 32,95 Zoom G1X Four « Guitar Multi EffectsZoom G1X Four, Guitar Multi Effects£ 84,- Zoom G1 Four « Guitar Multi EffectsZoom G1 Four, Guitar Multi Effects£ 67,- Zoom WSU-1 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom WSU-1, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 21,95 Zoom RC04 für H-4 N « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom RC04 für H-4 N, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 24,95 Zoom AD 16E AC Adaptor for G1on/G1Xon « Guitar/Bass Power SuppliesZoom AD 16E AC Adaptor for G1on/G1Xon, Guitar/Bass Power Supplies£ 16,95 Zoom APH-4N SP « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom APH-4N SP, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 40,95 Zoom APH-5 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom APH-5, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 39,95 Zoom APH-6 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom APH-6, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 47,95 Zoom LiveTrak L20 « HD RecorderZoom LiveTrak L20, HD Recorder£ 773,- Zoom RC-2 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom RC-2, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 29,95 Zoom RKL-12 « HD RecorderZoom RKL-12, HD Recorder£ 75,- Zoom TAC-8 Versandretoure « Audio InterfaceZoom TAC-8 Versandretoure, Audio Interface£ 341,- Zoom LiveTrak L12 « HD RecorderZoom LiveTrak L12, HD Recorder£ 413,- Zoom SCR-16 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom SCR-16, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 41,95 Zoom H4n Pro « Digital RecorderZoom H4n Pro, Digital Recorder£ 186,- Zoom G1on « Guitar Multi EffectsZoom G1on, Guitar Multi Effects£ 43,- Zoom R8 « HD RecorderZoom R8, HD Recorder£ 246,- Zoom WindScreen Mini H4 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom WindScreen Mini H4, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 41,95 Zoom F1 SP « Digital RecorderZoom F1 SP, Digital Recorder£ 190,- Zoom H5 « Digital RecorderZoom H5, Digital Recorder£ 233,- Zoom R16 « HD RecorderZoom R16, HD Recorder£ 349,- Zoom B1Xon « Multi Effects BassZoom B1Xon, Multi Effects Bass£ 55,- Zoom F4 « Digital RecorderZoom F4, Digital Recorder£ 529,- Zoom XYH-6 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom XYH-6, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 65,- Zoom MS-50G « Guitar EffectZoom MS-50G, Guitar Effect£ 89,- Zoom Q8 « Digital RecorderZoom Q8, Digital Recorder£ 328,- Zoom H1 N « Digital RecorderZoom H1 N, Digital Recorder£ 94,- Zoom AD14E « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom AD14E, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 19,95 Zoom FP02 Expression Pedal « Effect  AccessoriesZoom FP02 Expression Pedal, Effect Accessories£ 43,95 Zoom EXH-6 Combo Capsule « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom EXH-6 Combo Capsule, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 58,- Zoom F1 LP « Digital RecorderZoom F1 LP, Digital Recorder£ 170,- Zoom F-Control FRC-8 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom F-Control FRC-8, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 322,- Zoom FS01 Schalter für G2 « Effect  AccessoriesZoom FS01 Schalter für G2, Effect Accessories£ 16,95 Zoom H5 APH-5 Bundle « Digital RecorderZoom H5 APH-5 Bundle, Digital Recorder£ 290,- Zoom HS-1 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom HS-1, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 16,- Zoom R24 « HD RecorderZoom R24, HD Recorder£ 434,- Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Mic Capsule « Digital Recorder AccessoriesZoom SGH-6 Shotgun Mic Capsule, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 110,-


The brand ZOOM is labeled by the well-known Japanese firm Zoom Corporation located in Tokio whose history runs back to the year 1983. Zoom is the manufacturer of high-quality effect-processors, digital-recorders, rhythm-machines and guitar amps.

For the first seven years Zoom worked together with other instrument manufacturers. In 1988 the company Zoom developed their very first own product: Zoom ZFx-1" digital signal processing LSI. In 1989 Zoom introduced the Zoom 9002 multi-effect machine and in winter of the same year Zoom developed the next Zoom 9010 processor. After that more models were developed: Zoom 9030, Zoom 9000, Zoom 9200, Zoom 5000 u.m.

Since 1992 Zoom has been able to win new customers from the high-end market for it´s products. Again in 1993 the next Zoom products were launched: Zoom 9120 multieffekt-processor, Zoom 9050 and Zoom 5050.

With the models Zoom 4040, Zoom 1010, Zoom 3030, Zoom 8080, Zoom 3000 and Zoom 2100 again new changes were brought to the market. From 1996 onward the production of a brand-new Zoom-studio-series took place: Zoom 1202, Zoom 1204 and Zoom 1201. More well-known products are: Zoom RT-123, Zoom RT-323 and Zoom ST-224. Newest products of the Zoom range are: Zoom H-4 Digital Recorder, Zoom G1 Effects Processor, Zoom G1x Effects Processor, Zoom A2 Effects Processor and Zoom B2 Effects Processor für bass.

For more than 20 years Zoom has been standing out from other brands due to it´s creative and imaginative product range. Since the late 80s the name Zoom has been standing for high-quality, but inexpensive effects, processors and recorders. This creativity, phantasy and craftmanship is what makes Zoom musicians´ first choice.

Well-known endorsers of Zoom are: Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Benny Rietveld (Santana), Osamu Kitajima, Richard Patterson, Ricky Peterson, Nick Moroch, Hootie & the blowfish, Lee Dickson, Chuck D (Public Enemy), Supersuckers, Gene Lake, David Sanborn, ZimZum, Will Lee ( CBS Orchestra, Fab Faux, Hiram Bullock), Aquiles Priester (Angra), Felipe Andreoli (Angra), Rafael Bittencourt (Angra) and many more.