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Brand Zildjian Series
  • A

  • A Custom

  • Armand

  • Artist

  • Avedis

  • Classic

  • Constantinople

  • DIP

  • FX

  • GEN16

  • Hickory

  • i Family

  • K Custom

  • K Zildjian

  • Kerope

  • L80 Low Volume

  • Orchestral

  • Oriental

  • Planet Z

  • Quincy Vintage Sign

  • S Family

  • Symphonic

  • ZBT



The American Company Zildjian is situated in Massachusetts and produces Drum-cymbals and accesories such as Drumsticks. This traditional company was founded in 1623 in Constantinople, now Istanbul as an Armanian Family company. In 1927 the nephew who at that time was living in America took over the Company and started new in 1929 in Quincy Massachusetts. This coincided with the up and coming Jazz movement which did perk up the Zildjian sales und helped them make there mark on the American music map.
The european partner is Pearl music in the Netherlands.

The various series from Zildjian are known and used by drummer from around the world. Models such as A Custom, Avedis Zildjian, K Zildjian, K Custom, Z3, FX etc.

Zildjian Cymbals are produced, depending on the series, in America, Netherlands, China and Switzerland.