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Jupiter is the brandname for music instruments by the Taiwanese company "Kung Hsue She" meaning "Company Supporting Education and Culture" or short: KHS. The companies history reaches back to the year 1930, as they started to produce music instruments for educational use. Today KHS is the largest manufacturer of music instruments in Taiwan, additionally they are the only company to produce solely in their own facilities and distribute under there own name "Jupiter" worldwide.

KHS has always made music instruments and other materials of educational requirement. In 1980 the name Jupiter was given to the instrument range that consisted of 5 instruments at that time. Today more then 130 pieces are sold, such as: clarinets, german flutes, saxophones also trumpets and trombones.

Jupiter states that they build high grade quality products; they are known to offer a great value for money. Jupiter's know how and perfection in wind instruments grows with every instrument.

Very good craftsmanship and careful choice of materials mark the Jupiter instruments. The balanced tone and excellent intonation as well as the easy use have convinced teachers and pupils all over Europe for years to use Jupiter. The essential elements of the instruments are the extreme small manufacturing tolerances. Jupiter is a brand that guaranties high standard craftsmanship and consistant quality.