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Wind Instruments
Brand Easttop Series
  • BM-32K

  • Chromatic Standard

  • T008K

  • T008L


Easttop is a brand of the Chinese manufacturer Jiangsu East Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. This was founded in 1997 and now employs over 400 people at three production sites. In addition to the harmonicas and melodicas of Easttop, which belong to the professional portfolio of the manufacturer, also inexpensive products under the name "Bee" are produced, which, however, are not yet widespread in Europe.

For the production of Easttop harmonicas and melodicas, the company uses advanced and automatic equipment, an accurate method of tuning the products and imported welding and pitching equipment to ensure that all products meet international standards.

Easttop has a complete range of professional harmonicas from small blues harps to tremolo and octave harmonicas, chromatic harmonicas to large and small orchestral harmonicas. The quality of these instruments convinces professional players as well as beginners and advanced players, so that Easttop harmonicas continue to establish themselves on the European market.

In addition to the excellent harmonicas and melodicas, Jiangsu East Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. initiated the 12th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in 2018, also contributing to the promotion and development of the harmonica.