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Wind Instruments
  • Trumpets

  • Tenor/baritone horns

Brand Cerveny


V. F. Cerveny has been making high-quality brass instruments with rotary valves for 150 years. The Czech company combines tradition with modern production techniques and highly trained instrument makers. The wind instruments from the Czech Republic are sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Musicians appreciate the instruments because of their high quality, good intonation and first-class workmanship.

Vaclav Frantisek CERVENY founded the company in 1842 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. Like Adolphe Sax, he invented numerous new instruments such as the cornon. The rotary valve models from CERVENY are among the highest quality instruments in this product range.

CERVENY's master instrument makers check each instrument and play it before it leaves the factory. In this way CERVENY guarantees consistently high quality. The result is satisfied customers all over the world - from amateurs to professional musicians.