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Vincent Bach at Musik Produktiv

The American company Vincent Bach is globally known for producing quality brass instruments and mouth pieces. The company founder Vincent Schrotenbach was born in Vienna in 1890 and graduated in mechanical engineering, but decided to become a professional musician and thus renamed himself to Vincent Bach. As WWI broke out he immigrated to the states, where he soon overcame his startup problems and found an engagement with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and later became first trumpet with the orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. In 1918, in a small back room of the New York Selmer branch he started making trumpet mouthpieces, as he had seen there was a demand for professional quality. In the year 1924 Vincent Bach made his first Instrument. Awestruck musicians called it the “Stradivari” of trumpets and so the brand „Bach Stradivarius“ was born. In 1928 the first trombone was made. In 1961 the company was sold to the Selmer group, which kept the brand alive.
Still today the Vincent Bach Stradivarius instruments fulfil highest demands in terms of quality and craftsmanship, as well as musically in tone, intonation and sensibility.

The most popular instrument in the Bach family is the 180er Stradivarius trumpet, it is an all-rounder and at home in all musical areas. The LT 180 (light weight) is for trumpet players looking for an extremely light response. The LR 180 series is a combination of the light corpus mixed with the standard mouth piece.