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Reeds and Accessories Wind Instrument Strap Brand R. Schwarz

R. Schwarz

Rudolf Schwarz is a professional musician and has been successfully playing the tuba in Southern Germany for many years. In addition to concert music, he has also had extensive experience with mashing and the associated problem of the tuba's heavy weight. The search for a high-quality carrying system, which is comfortable and also relieves the back, was unsuccessful. However, he recognized the need to create a carrying system that would distribute the weight of the instrument to both shoulders and at the same time sit firmly and comfortably. He succeeded in doing so and since then has been inspiring professional and motivated amateur musicians. Due to the great success of the tuba carrying strap, the range has since been expanded to include carrying straps for bass drums and snare drums.

The straps are constructed in such a way that two hip straps running opposite each other and two shoulder pads are guided forward in a stable manner by the pentagon back plate.

Care should be taken to ensure that the pentagon back plate remains in the back. Therefore, first adjust the harness firmly and tightly (over the rib cage).