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Reeds and Accessories Wind Instrument Strap Brand Neotech Instrument Choice
  • Carrying strap woodwinds

  • Carrying Strap Brass

  • Saxophone

  • Alto / Tenor Saxophone

  • Clarinet

  • Tuba


Neotech is a division of OP/TECH USA. OP/TECH USA continues to be a family-owned and operated company with over 90% of our products still made in their Belgrade, Montana factory. They are located less than ten miles from the beautiful Bridger Mountain Range and ninety miles from Yellowstone National Park.

Their Neotech division started in 1986 with the development of the SOFT SAX STRAP product. At that time, OP/TECH USA was primarily focused on the photo industry. As a result, photographers were enjoying the comfort of their patented weight reduction designs; however, they knew that this same feature could be enjoyed by many other consumers in other industries. This is when their focus narrowed in on musicians struggling with heavy instruments. They instantly sought the advice, input and expertise of musicians and performers to discover their major obstacles with existing straps along with their desired wish list for an ideal strap. They set to work designing new hooks and adjustment slides as there weren’t any on the market that were up to the quality and performance standards that they wanted for their straps.

The next big step was how to bring this revolutionary new strap to the music industry. Just as they had experienced in the photo industry in the early days, there were skeptics who questioned the sanity of an after-market strap made of neoprene….”what’s that material all about?” No one had ever seen neoprene used in this manner before and unless you were an underwater diver, you may have never seen it at all. Most instruments came with a webbing strap, so why would someone pay for a Neotech Strap? Fortunately, the Neotech Strap had a story to tell and offered unparalleled comfort to seal the deal. They slowly established wonderful relationships with musicians and dealers alike who embraced the new concept. These same dealers convinced distributors to pick up the line and they’ve never looked back.

The line has expanded tremendously since those beginning years and they have their amazing customers to thank for it. They’ve continued to think outside of the box and anticipate customer needs so that they can meet them with an innovative solution. Their product selection has expanded greatly over the years yet their commitment to superior function and quality remains. Their products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship because they feel that people still want a company and product that they can depend on.