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Guitar Effect Walrus Audio SLÖ
Guitar Effect Walrus Audio SLÖGuitar Effect Walrus Audio SLÖ (1)Guitar Effect Walrus Audio SLÖ (2)

Walrus Audio SLÖ

(3 Ratings)
  • Feature1: Multi Texture Reverb
  • Effect Type: Reverb
  • Technology: Digital
  • Special Features: Sustain Pedal
  • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Controls: Decay, Filter, Mix, X, Depth
  • Modes: 3 Reverb Programs, 3 Modulations Programs
  • Switches: Reverb Mode, Modulation Shape
  • Bypass Mode: True bypass or buffered bypass
  • Power supply: 9 VDC, Center negative
  • Power Consumption: 100 mA
  • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power
  • Housing size: Standard
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 66 x 35 x 122 mm
  • Also suitable for Acoustic Guitar: yes
  • Also suitable for bass: yes
  • Boutique Effect: yes
  • Country of Origin: USA

Walrus Audio SLÖ · Guitar Effect

Walrus Audio has a nack for extraordinary effects devices with first-class sounds and a cool look. The SLÖ pedal is dedicated to the popular modulation reverb surface sounds. There are 3 reverb programs available: Dark - an intensive reverb with added low octave, Rise - a spatial, swelling reverb sound and Dream - long reverb area with additional vibrato. These 3 reverb programs can be combined with 3 modulation programs for processing the reverb tail: Sine (sine) a smooth up and down modulation, warp - an asymmetrical pitch modulation upwards and sink - an asymmetrical pitch modulation downwards. A switchable trail mode lets the reverb tail fade away in bypass operation. A cool additional feature is the Sustain button - if the button is held the reverb tail goes off into the unknown vastness of space. As usual with Walrus Audio, the SLÖ comes in an extremely cool look - a graphic by Christi Du Toit adorns the blue housing.


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(3 Ratings)
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Endless inspiration

Piotr on 23.11.2019

It sounds amazing, you can never get bored of it. I was a bit worried if I would be able to use it as regular reverb, as it is very expressive and gives huge amount of space but I had no problem to set it up for various purposes. From cosmic ambients to short room like reverb it does it's job - it reverberate ant it does it damn good. The additional functions are actually usefull and don't give the feeling like they added it just to brag. Overally I have no regrets of buying it. Totally worth the price.

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