Waldorf mod1 Modulator Module
Synthesizer Waldorf mod1 Modulator ModuleSynthesizer Waldorf mod1 Modulator Module (2)

Waldorf mod1 Modulator Module

  • 3-way modulation generator
  • Eurorack Format
  • AD3SR
  • Symmetry Generator
  • Rise & Fall

Waldorf mod1 Modulator Module · Synthesizer

Three different modulation sources in one module make the mod1 the ideal control center. From simple envelopes and LFOs to complex recurring multi-stage curves, the mod1 offers endless modulation possibilities.

Everything is based on an analogue circuit that offers all facets from super-soft curves to sharp edges and never sounds 'digital'. From soft to hard, this innovative analog circuit delivers a musical touch to every sound.

1. AD3SR
  • ADSR envelope with up to three decay steps
  • Each decay stage has a time and a target level control
  • Configurable for one, two, or three decay steps
  • Loop mode for looping Attack over all decay levels
  • Gate and trigg inputs
  • Positive and inverted output

2. Symmetry generator
  • Two-segment modulator with adjustable symmetry
  • CV inputs for speed and symmetry
  • LFO mode with bipolar output
  • Gate and trigger envelope modes with unipolar output
  • Linear or rectangular waveform

3. Rise & Fall
  • Two-stage envelope 'rise & fall'
  • Flexible control for the ascending waveform
  • Optional loop mode
  • Gate input
  • Signal output


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