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The company VOX has been producing its guitar amps with the classic and warm sound for over 50 years, people like John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison have used VOX and helped to create the reputation of the brand within the guitar scene. The VOX AC30 is still seen by many guitarists as the workhorse of amps.

The VOX story began after the Second World War with the founding of the Jennings Organ Company by Tom Jennings. At that time the Univox electric organ was in production. In 1956 Dick Denney approached him and showed him the prototype of a guitar amp. The company’s name was changed to Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI) and in 1958 the 15 watt Vox AC15 was introduced. Band like The shadows and other British Rock 'n' Roll musicians started to use this model. In 1959 VOX developed the 30 watt amp VOX AC30, fitted with Celestion "blue" speakers and the VOX "Top boost", it played a considerable part in the sound of the "British Invasion".

The best known groups that used or use VOX products are bands such as The Beatles, The Who and the Yardbirds. Later musicians like Brian May of Queen or Paul Weller of The Jam discovered the VOX AC30.

In 1962 VOX introduced the pentagonal Phantom guitar produced by the Italian company EKO, one year later the drop shaped VOX Phantom mk. III followed, its prototype was later played by Brian Jones of the rolling stones. The company VOX is also known for its guitar effects and organs like the VOX Continental form 1962. In 1964 Jennings sold shares of the JMI company to the Royston Group and sold the US rights to the Thomas Organ company. Then VOX when through a period of changing names and owners. The name rights to VOX amplification Ltd. Fell to KORG in 1992 as they took over the VOX distribution at that time. Then a reissue of the VOX AC30 was released. In the last couple of years VOX has gained popularity with its digital modeling amplifier range. A real coup was landed in 2001, when Steve Grindrod, long time chef designer at Marshall and responsible for the development of the legendary JCM-800, changed sides and is now in charge of developments of VOX products.