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Stage Lighting UV Lighting Brand Power
  • 10 W

  • 100 W

  • 129,6 W

  • 150 W

  • 18 W

  • 30 W

  • 400 W

  • 70 W

  • 8 x 1 W

  • 80 W

  • COB

  • Discharge lamp (not included)

  • LED

  • UV-Light tube

  • LED-Spot

  • UV Floodlight

  • UV lamp

  • UV-Light tube

UV Lighting

UV lamps, "black light" is the colloquial term for UV-A radiation, which is produced by low-pressure gas discharge lamps. These are equipped with special phosphor to emit ultraviolet radiation at 350nm or 370nm without a proportion of visible light. Black light bulbs are coated so as not to show visible light (nickel-doped) and equipped with ultraviolet light emitting diodes. Black light is often used for show effects in darkened rooms, such as discos, at magic events or for black light theater. The radiation excites fluorescent substances to emit light and because bright light is avoided, the lighting effects are particularly made evident in textiles, papers, artificial teeth and other materials with optical brighteners. Another application is also making security features on documents such as identity cards or tickets visible and checking the authenticity of money or the neon stamp on the back of the hand as a ticket to a concert or as your own markings on an object to prevent theft.