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As the name suggests, a tuner serves to tune musical instruments. For almost every melodic instrument, there is a matching tuner on the market: pianos, guitars, bass guitars, wind instruments and even drums. Some have a built-in speaker, through which the sounds (eg. the sound of the open strings of a guitar) can be registered
A tuner detects using a built-in microphone or via a connection by jack Pickups (z. B. an electric guitar or electric bass) the sound that is played on the instrument. Thge tuning is then indicated either with a light indication or a Tuning meter.

The topic string tuning has become relatively simple. Effectively tuning the strings or heads can be done within minutes. So theres no need to read up on how to tune your guitar. Many of the modern Tuners include metronomes or even recording functions. Depending on the model they are designed chromatically.

Also for lovers of classical tuning forks we are well prepared. Check out our shop. We are always at your disposal if you have questions concerning our products. The music should stay in tune !