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Brand Expotruss Series
  • X2K-30

  • X3K-22

  • X3K-30

  • X4K-30


The advanced trusses from Expotruss are suitable for discotheques, stage structures, exhibition stands, road shows and product presentations. They not only have a low weight and are therefore incredibly manageable but also have an attractive form. Customers also find an essential feature of Expotruss trusses in the consistent development of the systems. From the E-truss systems with fully integrated Eutrac phases busbar to heavy duty trusses of Expotruss SL series and the complete stage systems Expo days, Vario days and SL Stage for use up to wind force 12, the user can always find the right solution for every application with Expotruss. The trusses are even used in areas such as architecture and interior design. The design ideas are limitless.
High quality, fast availability, various accessories and a huge variety sets Expotruss apart from other manufacturers. Maximum security, a very important issue in the context of trusses, is now a standard requirement which has to be met, including annual inspections of the factory. A lot of effort goes into the final production in order to guarantees constant quality of the largely handcrafted components. Serial numbers allow a seamless documentation of the important production data.