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Cool Wind

A new "Wow" generation of instruments on the market! The Cool Wind instruments are colourful, easy and really fun. The new Cool Wind instruments are available in five different colors and with many ideas. All Cool Wind instruments are made of sturdy ABS plastic and equipped as standard with metal valves. The biggest advantage of Cool Wind Instruments lies in their weight , the tuba only weighs 5500 grams for example and is therefore ideally suited for marching, longer sessions or for children.

True to the motto: Just be crazy!
When playing, the instruments let’s you know its there ! Enthusiastic wind instrument testers report good sound quality and intonation and much action playing the plastic trumpets, Euphonium and tubas from Cool Wind. A speciality with the Trumpet is that it comes with two new features which have never been included before. A detachable brass mouthpiece tube and a Quartvalve to create the right vibrations.

With the products from Cool Wind, Fun, music and the wow factor is guaranteed.