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Brand Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot is a British company, which is well known for its guitar and bass amplifiers. The name Trace Elliot first turned up at the end of the 70´s in Essex / UK. Trace Elliot started making bass amps and could quickly capture the interest of the local players. In the mid 80´s Trance Elliot made amps for banjos, acoustic guitars and violins. The acoustic guitars amps are still counted to be some of the best equipment in this sector. The long list of endorsers include: Andy Crofts, Chabera, Kai Fish, Ben Surtees, David Hungate, Larry Paxton, Brian Glenn, Doug Wimbish und Michael Brignardello. All of the Trace Elliot amps are built by hand. In the mid 90`s Trance Elliot was sold to the guitar manufacture Gibson, who kept the brand running. Then in 2005 it was sold again to the American company Peavey Europe in Corby/England. They launched a completely new series of handmade amps and speakers. The new Trance Elliot tops and speakers show the great amount of know how the company has collected over the years. The Trance Elliot equipment still has the typical green lit switches, the 12 band EQ and the cabinets are still fitted with the Celestion speakers that have always made sure Trance Elliot has that typical British, dirty rock sound.