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Theatre Spots

A theatre spot is a projection device and has the same optical structure as a slide projector, film projector or video projector. It consists of a light source, condenser system, support for the projection object and projection lens. (In the order of the light source to the light exiting the lamp

Mechanically, the theater spot consists of a lamp housing with lamp and condenser and the tube with slides and projection lens. The projection lense can be a fixed focal length or with a second lense as zoom type spotlight.

The housing includes the mounting for the four shutter-plates, which serve to limit the light cone. It also includes the facilitating of an Iris aperture and with high quality lamps there is also a mounting possibility for so called gobos (punched or cut in sheet projection templates). Theoretically slides or painted glass templates could also be used but the quality of the projection will be for most part insufficient.