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Tech 21

Toward the end of the 80´s, Andrew B. Barta was modifying amps in his workshop for top New York guitar players. He was also developing an analog switch which could emulate the popular amp sounds,. The prototype of the legendary SansAmps..

One of Andrews’s customers was Mick Jones, Foreigners lead guitarist, after testing the prototype in his studio, he refused to give it back. Encouraged by this experience, he founded the company TECH 21 amps and started to build the first series of SANSamps, a true classic today. The sound characteristics Tweed, British and California of the most successful TECH 21 tube amps are found in all Sans Amp products. Finest analog technologies enable the realization of any guitar or bass sound, directly to the mixer, PC or amp.

TECH 21 also has a wide range of professional bass products, such as the TECH 21 Landmark bass amp series, the TECH 21 Bass Compactor or the TECH 21 pre/recording amps Bass Driver D.I and RBI, aswell as the excellent D.I. box : Acoustic D.I. with active EQ and infinitely variable tube amp simulation. TECH 21 stands for analog technology for warm acoustic results miles away from all digital amp simulations

TECH 21 products are used by many professional players such as : Metallica, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Reamonn, Godsmak, AC/DC, Rammstein, Deftones, Rolling Stones, Guano Apes, Monster Magnet, Nirvana, Rage, P.O.D., Die Toten Hosen, The Who, Garbage, Korn, ZZ Top, Farmer Boys, Pink Floyd, Faith No More, Atrocity, Limp Biskit, System of a Down, Hellecasters, In Extremo, Static X i.e..