TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip, Tuner

Item number: 10079800
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Tuner • Instrument: Universal • Design: Clip-on • Chromatic: Yes • The PolyTune clip is more than just a clip-on tuner, this is a revolution! Here tuning technology combines the latest technology with an exceptional aesthetic and functionality. Thus the PolyTune clip is the perfect tool for musicians who don’t want to compromise on the speed, precision or indeed elegance of their gear. The PolyTune clip is not only the best PolyTune ever built. We believe that it may be regarded as first class in every respect. Clip-on-tuner of the highest technical level Polyphonic perfection: the best ever polyphonic tuner New strobe tuner with ± 0.02 cents tuning accuracy Extremely bright and clear display Adaptive display ensures optimal readability Elegant yet robust design High-quality stainless steel clip Also suitable for flat tunings and capo
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