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Tascam TA-1VP « Multi-EffectsTascam TA-1VP, Multi-Effects£ 305,- Tascam CD-A580 « Multi DeviceTascam CD-A580, Multi Device£ 325,- Tascam CD-RW900 MK2 « CDRW RecorderTascam CD-RW900 MK2, CDRW Recorder£ 366,- Tascam DR-10L « Digital RecorderTascam DR-10L, Digital Recorder£ 170,- Tascam  PS-P520 AC Adapter « Digital AccessoriesTascam PS-P520 AC Adapter, Digital Accessories£ 24,90 Tascam GB-10 « MP3-PlayerTascam GB-10, MP3-Player£ 129,- Tascam DP-32 SD « HD RecorderTascam DP-32 SD, HD Recorder£ 497,- Tascam US-16x08 « Audio interfaceTascam US-16x08, Audio interface£ 231,- Tascam CD-400U DAB « CD-PlayerTascam CD-400U DAB, CD-Player£ 414,- Tascam DR-22 WL « Digital RecorderTascam DR-22 WL, Digital Recorder£ 117,- Tascam CD-200BT « CD-PlayerTascam CD-200BT, CD-Player£ 316,- Tascam US-20x20 « Audio interfaceTascam US-20x20, Audio interface£ 402,- Tascam RC-3F « MP3-PlayerTascam RC-3F, MP3-Player£ 40,45 Tascam US-42 « Audio interfaceTascam US-42, Audio interface£ 142,- Tascam CD 500 « CD-PlayerTascam CD 500, CD-Player£ 412,- Tascam DA-6400 « Digital RecorderTascam DA-6400, Digital Recorder£ 2.782,- Tascam IF-MA64EX « Digital RecorderTascam IF-MA64EX, Digital Recorder£ 812,- Tascam RC-SS150 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesTascam RC-SS150, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 336,- Tascam DR-05 V2 « Digital RecorderTascam DR-05 V2, Digital Recorder£ 75,- Tascam CD 500 B « CD-PlayerTascam CD 500 B, CD-Player£ 466,- Tascam CD-P1260 MKII « CD-PlayerTascam CD-P1260 MKII, CD-Player£ 176,- Tascam DR-100 MK3 « Digital RecorderTascam DR-100 MK3, Digital Recorder£ 351,- Tascam 202 MKVII « Multi DeviceTascam 202 MKVII, Multi Device£ 458,- Tascam CD-RW901 MK2 « CDRW RecorderTascam CD-RW901 MK2, CDRW Recorder£ 509,- Tascam SS-R250N « Digital RecorderTascam SS-R250N, Digital Recorder£ 686,- Tascam DP-008 EX « HD RecorderTascam DP-008 EX, HD Recorder£ 202,- Tascam DP-24 SD « HD RecorderTascam DP-24 SD, HD Recorder£ 370,- Tascam Model 24 « MixerTascam Model 24, Mixer£ 879,- Tascam SD-20M « Digital RecorderTascam SD-20M, Digital Recorder£ 213,- Tascam SS-R100 « Digital RecorderTascam SS-R100, Digital Recorder£ 414,- Tascam US-2x2 « Audio interfaceTascam US-2x2, Audio interface£ 107,- Tascam IF-DA2 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesTascam IF-DA2, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 254,- Tascam US-1x2 « Audio interfaceTascam US-1x2, Audio interface£ 80,- Tascam DA-3000 « Digital RecorderTascam DA-3000, Digital Recorder£ 853,- Tascam MH-8 « Headphone AmplifierTascam MH-8, Headphone Amplifier£ 311,- Tascam DR-70D « Digital RecorderTascam DR-70D, Digital Recorder£ 265,- Tascam LM-8ST « MixerTascam LM-8ST, Mixer£ 318,- Tascam US-4x4 « Audio interfaceTascam US-4x4, Audio interface£ 158,- Tascam DR-60DMK2 « Digital RecorderTascam DR-60DMK2, Digital Recorder£ 179,- Tascam DP-006 « HD RecorderTascam DP-006, HD Recorder£ 112,- Tascam DR-44 WL « Digital RecorderTascam DR-44 WL, Digital Recorder£ 230,- Tascam DP-03 SD « HD RecorderTascam DP-03 SD, HD Recorder£ 265,- Tascam AK-DR11C « Digital Recorder AccessoriesTascam AK-DR11C, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 39,70 Tascam BP-6AA « Digital Recorder AccessoriesTascam BP-6AA, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 37,80 Tascam CD 200 « CD-PlayerTascam CD 200, CD-Player£ 199,- Tascam CD 200SB « CD-PlayerTascam CD 200SB, CD-Player£ 345,- Tascam DR-10SG « Digital RecorderTascam DR-10SG, Digital Recorder£ 124,- Tascam RC-10 « Digital Recorder AccessoriesTascam RC-10, Digital Recorder Accessories£ 34,30 Tascam TM-2X « MicrophoneTascam TM-2X, Microphone£ 75,-


Tascam is the professional trade brand of Teac (an international electronics company situated in Tokyo)

The story of Tascam reaches back to the year of the company founding of TEAC in 1953. In 1969 the company TASC (TEAC Audio systems Corporation) was founded for conductor and recording research and development. Tascam stands for (TEAC Audio Systems Corporation of America) and evolved as a own brand from the American TEAC HiFi branch in 1971

The M-10 mixer, the 70H-X MTR series and 70H-8 MTR series, were the first Tascam products introduced to the public in 1973, although still branded TEAC, one year later the first Tascam branded products (Tascam Model 10 Mixing Console, Tascam Series 70 Recorders) started to show up.

In 1975 the eager awaited Tascam mixer series model 5 was introduced, one year later the Tascam 80-8 Recorder came out. In 1979 Tascam introduces the mixer/recorder system Teac Portastudio 144. Many first recordings of now well known artists were made using this ingenious system, which could record a multitude of instruments on to a 2 track stereo tape in HiFi quality.

In 1980 Tascam started to develop recording systems. In 1981 Tascam introduced the Tascam SYSTEM 20, a mixing system. In 1983 the Tascam Recorder-30 series was developed. In 1985 Tascam presented a now historic new invention, the Tascam 388 studio.
In 1989 Tascam developed the first 8 track, 8 channel tape deck: 238 Syncaset® and 238S Syncaset® with Dolby S Noise reduction. In 1990 Tascam showed its first 1" 24 track recorder, the Tascam MSR-24. In 1993 Tascam introduced the legendary Tascam DA-88 DTRS, a modular digital multitrack recorder. In 1998 the first digital hard disk multitrack recorder MMR-8 was developed. Tascam also set foot into the DJ market and came up with a range of DJ mixers in 2002 called: Tascam XS-3, XS-4, XS-8, X-15 and X-17. Tascam showed the 24 track, digital porta studio Tascam 2488 in 2004 and a year later the first 48 track standalone workstation was announced. The latest Tascam developments are: Tascam CD-160MKII CD player, Tascam DV-RA1000HD high resolution Audio-/DSD-master recorder, Tascam MKIV double tapedeck and Tascam DM-4800 digital mixer.
The Japanese manufacturer of sleek mobile recording equipment situated in Montebello (Los Angeles), California is known today to be the company that invented Homerecording.