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Takamine is among the most experienced guitar builders of acoustic guitars with pickups.

In 1962 a number of independent guitar makers from Sakashita/Japan got together to produce guitars under one brand name. The near mountain “ Takamine” ( high mountain ) was chosen as a name giver. At first Takamine built mainly concert guitars over the years the number of steel string acoustic guitars increased.
In 1968 the internationally known guitar luther Mass Hirade joined Takamine, he introduced the “Hirade-Master series”. Mass Hirade is also responsible for the start of international business, since then Takamine guitars are available worldwide.
Takamine started to experiment with pick ups at a very early stage and now has extensive expertise in this field.
Today Takamine produces various different series, ranging from high priced models to the budget priced Takamine G series. The product range consists of : western guitar (Takamine G series EG 340 SC, Takamine G series EG 360 SC, Takamine G series EG 523SC 12, Takamine G series Stage EG 540 CBSQ, Takamine Nashville TNV 340 SC, Takamine Natural EAN 30 CX, Takamine Supernatural TAN 16 C i.e.), classic guitar (Takamine T 80, Takamine G series EG 128 SC i.e.), acoustic bass (Takamine G series EG 512 GC) and pickups (Takamine TriAx) Some well known guitar players that work with Takamine include : Bruce Springsteen, Glenn Frey from The Eagles, Meredith Brooks and many more. The success of Takamine is founded in the unique combination of an excellent tone on the one side and the use of first class pickups on the other side. As these are produced parallel to the guitars, it is possible to tune them perfectly to the guitars resonance, thus making Takamine to one of the best and most popular guitars worldwide.