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Waldorf is a German Manufacturer, which makes innovative and high-tech sound equipment. Waldorf is successor company of PPG, whose founder Wolfgang Palm played a leading role in the development of the MICRO-WAVE and WAVE. He was able to use his know how he had collected in the PPG WAVE development.
Waldorf was founded in 1985 by Wolfgang Düren who himself had been active with PPG. Palm was assigned to redesign the WAVE synthesizer technology to make it micro chip compatible, he was never a part of the developer team at Waldorf. The manufacturing of Waldorf Instruments was partly realised by BFB Electronic.
Waldorf was always been a synonym for high quality synthesizer made in Germany that hat taken on the tradition of the legendary PPG synthesizer. The range was made up of:
Waldorf MICRO Q / pol syn exp 1599 (2000), Waldorf MICRO Q KB / pol syn 2890 (2001), Waldorf MICRO Q KEYBOARD / pol syn 2890 (2001), Waldorf MICRO-WAVE / pol syn exp 1950 (1988), Waldorf MICRO WAVE II / pol syn exp 1325 (1997), Waldorf MICRO-WAVE TECHNO PAC / pol syn exp 2980 (1995), Waldorf Q / pol syn 4144 - 5124 (1998) and more. One thing was for sure: No Waldorf was made without bright a colouring.
The closing of the company in 2004 was a shock to the synthesizer community. Bankruptcy is a word that could hardly explain the emotions set free by all who hat seen Waldorf rise and who had followed the Waldorf story develop into Germany’s most renowned synthesizer producer.
2006 saw the long awaited comeback. The new Waldorf Music GmbH is still under construction. Joachim Flor is the new leader of Waldorf Music GmbH, Waldorf is know worldwide and was very popular, the new Waldorf will try to bring the company to new fame. .