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Modal Electronics was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Bristol, UK.

At the time, the development team at Modal Electronics felt that vintage and contemporary synthesizers lacked the innovative spirit that had been inherent in these instruments for decades. It was time for overdue updates to old-school sounds, aesthetics and concepts.

The Modal 002 marked a milestone in synthesizer history and reimagined what a synthesizer should be at the time. It was the first poly-digital/analog hybrid synthesizer with a transistor ladder filter. The first synthesizer with 10,000 patch memories, an Ethernet connection to access an integrated web server to edit all parameters. The first non-workstation synthesizer with a full-color display and the first to support high-resolution 192 kHz/24bit digital audio output via USB.

Today, the 00 series is legendary, and its legacy inspires Modal Electronics entire current product line.

In 2018, Modal Electronics released the SKULPTsynthesizer, a huge virtual-analog polysynth with 32 oscillators. CRAFTsynth 2.0, a massively powerful monophonic wavetable synthesizer, joined the lineup of creative music tools shortly thereafter.

The ARGON8 family, launching in 2019, takes all the knowledge from previous products and packages it into three powerful, hands-on packages that deliver the unmistakable Modal Electronics sound.... BIG - unique, distinguished and expansive. Sounds that cut through the mix and are instantly recognizable.

The secret to Modal Electronics products and the excitement they spark in musicians, producers and performers is to deliver an entirely new synthesizer experience that pushes creative boundaries beyond the status quo. Modal Electronics commitment to their customers and fans, is their love of synthesizers, technology and music.