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Suhr guitars have established a high reputation as a manufacturer of custom guitars. The special challenge was to use the most up to date technology and keep it balanced with individual sound design and expectations. At Suhr one guitar is made by one luthier, from beginning to end. unmistakably guaranteed truly handmade.

John Suhr started building guitars over 20 years ago. In the early 80´s he worked at Rudy´s a New York guitar shop. There he also made the Pensa-Suhr, later to become a legend as Mark Knopfler would prefer his Suhr to his red Fender on many recordings. Also Victor Bailey played a Pensa-Suhr bass for many years.

In 1991 John Suhr left New York and started to work for C.A.E. the company of Robert Brandshaw. In 1995 John started as a “Master Builder” in the Fender Custom shop, now he was passionately building his own guitars on state of the art equipment, even the pickups were self made. In October 1994 John Suhr and Steve smith started the company JS Technologies Inc. (JST) In 1999 JST acquires a laser engraving machine with which the production of the Suhr classic could get under way. In 2000 the Carve Top Standard model is introduced. In 2002 the Archtop Standard follows. In 2004 – JST acquires the Plek Pro fret-levelling machine. The OD-100 is reintroduced and JST makes entry into the high-end amp market. In 2006 JST is very involved with the Badger 18w amp. The Pro Series guitars, and the BPSSC are introduced. JST expands as this year was the most successful in the companies’ history.

Like no other, John Suhr understands to combine the advantages of modern technology and classic design. Suhr is very critical whilst choosing only the best of materials. The Suhr Classics are CNC cut and guarantee for a perfect fit of body and neck and further more these perfectly built and vintage sounding Suhr instrument stay affordable.