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Zaor delivers fresh furniture solutions, well-designed, uniquely functional, stable, ergonomic and made of excellent materials. Designed by music professionals with today's efficient and sleek furnishings in mind, the tables, stands, shelves and other solutions provide stylish furnishings that will perform flawlessly for many years.
Over a shared passion for making ordinary things special through both their appearance and their functions, a piano maker, a carpenter and a sound engineer came together.

Thus was born Zaor Studio Furniture, which creates unique functional furniture for artists, producers and composers. Zoar strives to build beautiful technical furniture that provides customers with all the functionality they desire in an aesthetically pleasing design. The Zoar Studio Furniture explore new avenues that lead to their unique selling proposition.
They are inventors, creators, craftsmen, passionate about technology and materials and never stop moving forward to inspire other inventors, creators, craftsmen in their passion.