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Based in Finland and founded in 1978 by Ilpo Martikainen, Genelec is a manufacturer of active loudspeaker systems for professional recording studios, mixing and mastering applications as well as in broadcast and movie production. Genelec's first active monitor speaker was designed to the specifications of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Other European broadcsters including Italy's RAI and Germany's ZDF upgraded their studio monitors to Genelec's active monitoring systems. Wroldwide export success followed as more broadcasters and recording studios swithched to active studio monitors and the Genelec product line expanded to include the Biamp 1019A mini monitor, broadcasting monitors S30 and 1022A and music monitors 1024B and 1025A. Currently Genelec produces a full range of active studio monitor loudspeakers. Genelec's 8000 Series of active 2-way monitors comprising the Genelec 8020B, 8030A, 8040A and 8050A are popular active studio monitors for home recording, project studios and broadcasters.