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Focusrite is an established, manufacturer of highly professional analog signal processing. Focusright offers a uniquely broad range of preamps and signal processors for recording studios, broadcasters, live and touring, and the platinum range for musicians and project studios. In 1985 the company was founded with help of Rupert Neve and quickly made a name with high-class pre amps, Eq´s and compressors all of with were in the top price range. Over the years more competitively priced product ranges were released. The platinum range is located below the Focusrite ISA- und Focusrite Red-ranges, and has been extended with the Focusrite TrakMaster Pro and Focusrite OctoPre LE. In the summer of 2005 the Focusrite Saffire was launched and created a buzz from the beginning on as the quality of pre-amps was second to none is this price range. Meanwhile, during the NAMM 07, Focusrite presented the forth new product to the Saffire range. The new Focusrite FireWire-Audio interface Saffire Pro 10 I/O, offers the same professional features as the 26I/O and can be controlled with the Focusrite Saffire control PRO-software. For many years Focusrite has been the epitome for highest technical standard with excellent audio qualities, wrapped up in a unique and user-friendly design. Focusrites ranges are made to fit every specific need.