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Focal Alpha 80 « Active MonitorFocal Alpha 80, Active Monitor£ 272,- Focal Listen Professional « HeadphoneFocal Listen Professional, Headphone£ 202,- Focal Sphear « HeadphoneFocal Sphear, Headphone£ 99,- Focal Listen Professional Versandretoure « HeadphoneFocal Listen Professional Versandretoure, Headphone£ 203,- Focal Alpha 65 « Active MonitorFocal Alpha 65, Active Monitor£ 234,- Focal Alpha 50 « Active MonitorFocal Alpha 50, Active Monitor£ 189,- Focal Shape 40 « Active MonitorFocal Shape 40, Active Monitor£ 308,- Focal Shape 50 « Active MonitorFocal Shape 50, Active Monitor£ 485,- Focal Shape 65 « Active MonitorFocal Shape 65, Active Monitor£ 617,-


Focal Professional are at the forefront of monitor technology. The inverted dome tweeter design, a Focal hallmark, permits very high-efficiency, precision and energy. The inverted dome directly radiates into the air, with maximum efficiency, which is translated by an extremely precise soundstage.
Focal monitors are used in studios all over the world and by acts such as the Chemical Brothers.