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EVE Audio

EVE Audio was founded in May 2011 in Berlin, Germany and is an owner-managed manufacturer of professional studio monitors. The company was founded by Roland Stenz, who has long been passionate about quality audio and has a long experience in the audio industry.

Roland Stenz began his career working in the research and development department of the "RFZ" Radio and Television Technical Central Office. This was East Germany's largest supplier and developer of almost all components used in television and radio. In 1999, he then became the founder, shareholder and managing director of ADAM Audio GmbH. When he left that company in the summer of 2010, he began developing a new series of studio monitors.

A trademark common to all EVE Audio studio monitors is the advanced technology of an air-motion transformer, which differs from all other similar products on the market:

  • wider front slots for less sound coloration
  • a revised design for more precise manufacturing of these tweeters
  • a new cone material for the lowest distortion levels distinguish them

A DSP-based filter section, rear-firing bass reflex ports, single push-button front panel operation, and fiberglass honeycomb woofers round out the product. A common feature of all EVE Audio products is the assurance of durability, which is an important consideration when investing in a studio.