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The team at Sessiondesk believes that only the right tools can lead to a perfect result. This is especially true for a professional audio production environment, whether recording, mastering or songwriting is the focus of work.
For Sessiondesk, the right studio desk is more than just a table with rack space. It should be a solution to many of the everyday problems one encounters in the studio workflow, allow for uncomplicated assembly, and should be flexible, applicable to any customer. Studio furniture must not only be practical, but also acoustically optimized and perfectly fit into a well-designed studio. A studio table should be a worthy focal point for any audio workspace, large or small. Speaker stands should not interfere with your precious speaker signal, and your equipment should always be within reach and in the sweet spot.

The focus of Sessiondesk is on understanding workflow. Designing durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing workstations is their passion. Sessiondesk are professionals in building custom solutions.