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Ned Steinberger brought a new design to guitars and basses when he introduced the L2 bass at Summer NAMM in 1979. Innovatively designed without a headstock, the L2 astonished the MI world and prototypes were sold to players like John Entwistle of The Who, Tony Levin of King Crimson, and Andy West of The Dregs. Since then, Steinberger basses and guitars have continued to impress guitarists worldwide. Their innopvative Headless Tuning systems deliver stability never thought possible, and their CybroSonic necks and piezo humbucking pickup systems allow for an extensive range of tonal possibilities.

Steinberger basses and guitars originaly featured the DoubleBall Tuning System that eliminated the need for a headstock. The guitar strings came through and locked down on the bridge for incredible stability. Another advantage was that with virtually no manual feeding and cutting required, you could change strings in under a minute. Today, the Synapse Collection has a redesigned headpiece so you can use double ball-end strings as well as traditional strings in a Steinberger guiar. This system allows you to dial into tune using precise micrometers rather than standard tuners. And when you get in tune, you stay in tune. Because Steinberger basses and guitars require no headstock, they're extremely ergonomically balanced and comfortable to hold during performances.