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Steinberg has extended the possibilities offered in the digital audio world since the founding in 1984. Recording and mastering, arranging and composing, mixing and remixing, many groundbreaking technologic innovations that have changed the world of music production have been developed by Steinberg. At first the company was called Steinberg Research GbR, later it was renamed to Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH und operated for some time in the USA as Steinberg North America, Inc. In January 2003 the brand Steinberg was acquired by the US company Pinnacle Systems, Steinberg remained broadly independent and could carry on servicing the Cubase platform. At the end of 2004 Pinnacle sold Steinberg to Yamaha. Today Steinberg has around 1,5 million users and is one of the largest manufacturers of audio software. Today Steinberg offers software solutions for a wide field of applications including everything from music production, audio restoration, broadcast production, sound design and audio post production for TV and movie.