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Brand Squier Series
  • 40th Anniversary

  • Affinity

  • Bullet

  • Classic Vibe

  • Contemporary

  • Mini

  • Paranormal


Squire is a brand which Fender uses to distribute its budget-priced replicas of its own models. Because Fender became the most copied guitar, Fender decided to buy the string manufacturer Squire and sell its own copy write and patent rights to squire in order to be able to sell copies of their own instruments. Squire was born in 1982 and has all rights to produce instruments with the original design and to use names such as Stratocaster, Telecaster, Showmaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass. The Squire guitars (Squier Affinity Fat Strat RW MTB E-Gutar, Squier Standard Tele Special BK Mirror E-Guitar, Squier Affinity Strat MN MBL E-Guitar, Squier Affinity Strat RW BK E-Guitar or Squier Affinity Tele MN BTB E-Guitar) are consipated especially for armatures and beginners. The production in countries with low wages, the choice of materials and the abnegation of expensive specials, leads to the much lower price tag then Fender. Never the less the building quality can hold up to the originals, which prices are also fed by the image and name.