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Headphone Amplifier SPL Phonitor 2 black
Headphone Amplifier SPL Phonitor 2 blackHeadphone Amplifier SPL Phonitor 2 blackHeadphone Amplifier SPL Phonitor 2 black

SPL Phonitor 2 black

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  • Feature1: 120-volt headphone amplifier and monitor controller
  • For all headphones with impedances from 10 Ohm (balanced KH from 40 Ohm)
  • Phonitor Matrix to simulate a monitor stereo image when using headphones
  • Controls: Volume control with any remote control
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 480 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Dynamic Range: KH 133,62 dB / Line 134,37 dB
  • THD: KH 0.00091 % / Line output 0.00085
  • Output Power: 560 mW (1 kHz/40 Ohm)
  • Level adjustment: Switchable (consumer to professional level, 1:1, +6 dB, +12 dB)
  • Headphone Inputs: 1 x 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR (L/R), 1 x RCA (L/R)
  • Outputs: 1 x XLR (L/R)
  • Dimensions W/H/D: 278 x 100 x 330 mm
  • Weight: 4,3 kg

SPL Phonitor 2 black · Headphone Amplifier

Our absolute secret tip for listening, belongs in every studio.
The reference monitor controller. The Stereobus of an official console. Details, punch, precision, panorama.

The functional center of gravity of the phonitor 2 still lies in the area of ​​the headphone amplifier - can be easily recognized by the complex simulation of the loudspeaker reproduction for the headphone signals. However, since the 120-volt amplifier basically supports everything for the pre-amplification, management and volume control of line signals, the controlled line-level signal at the back-end output is now available as well as the headphone output signal.
On the output side, active loudspeakers or power amplifiers can be connected in addition to the direct headphone connection. If there is a need to control more than one stereo loudspeaker set, a passive distribution system is recommended. Important to know: all control functions can be used via both outputs for headphones and loudspeakers. Of course, the simulation of the loudspeaker reproduction does not make sense in the case of direct loudspeaker reproduction, but, for example, if an owner of electrostatic headphones concludes his amplifier there, the simulation can also be used with these systems. Likewise, all monitoring functions (phase reversal, solo, mono, mute) can be heard on both outputs, so that the professional use as monitor controller for up to three sources is also supported.


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