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Audio Wiring Sommer Cable Stage 22 Highflex blue

Sommer Cable Stage 22 Highflex blue

  • Signal transmission: Symetrical
  • Application: Patch & microphone cable
  • Cable colour: Blue
  • Isolation sleeve material: Flexible PVC
  • Outside Diameter: 6,4 mm
  • Number of internal conductors: 2
  • Wiring Configuration: Symetrical
  • Inner conductor cross section (mm²): 0,22 mm²
  • Casing: dense copper spiral shielding, coverage 99%

Sommer Cable Stage 22 Highflex blue · Audio Wiring

Audio Teknik K 48 mic cable
cable by the metre
The Best, made in Germany, designed by musicians!
The Result: a symmetrical cable, that satisfies the most demanding requirements.

By the way, there are already more than 1,000 000 (1 Million!) Metres of K48 on stages, in studios and rehearsal rooms all over the world.


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