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  • Avid
  • Bitwig

  • Image Line

  • Magix

  • MOTU

  • Native Instruments

  • Presonus

  • Propellerhead

  • Steinberg

Software for DJs

Mixing, this is normally carried out with a mixer and two turntables or CD players all of which are controlled from a disc jockey. With mixing Software this is virtually simulated on the computer. The DJ program is effectively music software for mixing audio files on your PC or Laptop to realize seamless transitions between two tracks. In addition to the DJ mixing software, there are also other music programs that can enrich the DJ setup. One example is called pre-produced tracks Ableton Live for a perfect live performance. Often the DJ software is also supplied with the appropriate hardware, for example an external audio interface or a MIDI controller can be intuitively controlled, via the DJ software - without mouse and keyboard.