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Visual Productions

Visual Productions specializes in the developement and production of software and hardware products for the control of intelligent show lighting, LEDs and conventional light. The Dutch company was founded in 1999 and celebrated its first success with the lighting control VisualDMX.

In Germany Visual Productions was familiar with the product Cuelux, the LMP has introduced the exclusive distributors for Germany in the market. Cuelux is a software solution that allows platform independent professional control DMX equipment on Mac, PC and Linux.

Meanwhile, the Dutch have continued to expand their portfolio. With CueluxPro a professional and uncompromising control is offered, which can also be used platform-independent. Through its expandability CueluxPro enables flexible adaptation to different event sizes.

Meanwhile, an entry-level product for installation on iPads with Cuety - and in the future Android devices – is available which allows a simple entry into the world of professional DMX controllers.

But even with hardware products is Visual Productions leader. The CueCore for example is a solid-state light controller, which is ideal for professional 24/7 installations and has proved its reliability in countless installations. The CueCore is complemented by other products such as the IoCore as interface extension, DMX splitters or freely configurable keypads such as the B-station.

Visual Productions - Quality made in the Netherlands!