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Sigma Guitars

In the late 60s, the situation for the guitar manufacturers from the United States was very difficult: made in Japan guitars which were very similar to the US-guitars, were thrown at extremely low prices onto the market. These guitars endangered increasingly the market dominance of US manufacturers. Some American companies responded to this development in the only reasonable way and looked for co-operation with Far East manufacturers. Since they could not initiate legal action, they launched a counter-offensive.As a result of this Sigma Guitars" was founded.

1970 "Sigma Guitars" was launched to life as a brand name for electric guitars . They were built by specially trained staff in the most efficient guitar factory in Japan and then shipped to the US, where they were checked thoroughly before they went to the music stores.

Sigma Guitars had an excellent, even legendary reputation very quickly. It is not surprising that there are hardly any used Sigma Guitars for sale today. Most owners still swear by their instruments and would never part with them.