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Shure Radio Company is founded in April 1925 by Sidney N. Shure as “Shure Radio Company “ in downtown Chicago. The company is world-famous as a manufacturer of microphones.

Since 1925 Shure produces microphones and other audio products. The success is based on the strong belief that technology should serve the purpose to pristinely reproduce unique vocals and sound in a natural way.
1932 Shure presented the Shure 33N Two Button, a lightweight, high-performance carbon microphone, it was used by US-president Roosevelt and was very popular with radio presenters. 1933 the companies first condenser microphone, the Shure 40D, was presented. 1937 Shure started the production of pick-ups. 1939 the revolutionary Shure 55 Unidyne set a new mark in modern microphone technology. The Shure Vagabond, introduced 1952, was the first wireless system for live performances. The Shure Unidyne III was presented in 1959. In 1965 Shure developed the Shure SM57, this is still the official microphone of the US president since Lyndon Johnson first used it, only one year later the Shure SM58 was born and it is the most successful microphone on the market to date. In 1984 the Shure SM91 was the first unidirectional boundary-effect microphone to be introduced to the mass market.
In 1995 Sidney N. Shure passed away at the age of 93. His wife Rose L. Shure is elected chairman of the board of directors. After its market entry in 1997 the personal stereo monitor system PSM 600 dominates the market for “in-ear” monitoring systems. 2003 Shure is the fifth company ever to be awarded the Technical GRAMMY by the National Academy of the Recording Arts.
Today Shure is the world leader in microphone development and production, making many desirable products for studio and stage work, including microphones, wireless microphones and instrument pick-ups, digital-signal-processors and feedback killers, as well as in-ear monitoring systems, HI-FI pick-ups, DJ cartridges and portable mixers.