Shure BLX24E/SM58-S8

Shure BLX24E/SM58-S8, Wireless Systems

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Wireless Systems • Wireless options: Handheld Microphone • Frequency band: UHF 823 - 832 MHz • Receiver technology: True diversity • Capsule type: Shure SM 58 • Pickup pattern: Cardioid • Battery Life: up to 14 hours • Receiver Features: 9.5"/ 1U, XLR and Unbalanced jack connection. • Including: Receiver, hand transmitter with microphone capsule • Simultaneous channels: up to 7 • The Shure Microphone set BLX24E / SM58 features the legendary SM58 sound at a unique price / performance ratio. The radio system combines easy setup, reliable performance and Shure typical sound quality. The SM58 radio system is available in the frequency versions S8 and T11 as well as others. The entire frequency range of the S8 version (823-832 MHz) is Licence free*. Here up to seven systems can operate licence free*. In the T11 version (863-865 MHz), up to 3 systems. * Please check with your authorities in regards to Licensing!! Legendary SM58 Sound
  • Gives Voices a punchy, clear presence
  • Consistent cardioid
  • Gain before feedback and reduces distracting background noise
  • Integrated, Pneumatic shock minimizes handling noise
  • Integrated, effective wind and pop filter
Analog transmitter
  • Sign free in the range 823-832 and 863-865 MHz used
  • Status and battery status LED indicator
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Quick and easy frequency adjustment
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life with 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Up to 100 meter range
Analog receiver
  • Licence free* in the range 823-832 and 863-865 MHz
  • Up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band
  • Microprocessor-controlled antenna diversity
  • Quick Scan finds the best free frequency by just pressing a button
  • Jack and XLR outputs
  • Two-Tone Audio Status LED
* Please check with your authorities in regards to Licensing!!