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Brand Showtec Series
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Showtec is a brand belonging to Highlite International situated in Kerkrade/Holland. The products are exported to 65 countries worldwide. The brand showtec offers everything needed for a professional light show at concerts, events, discos, theatre, pubs, clubs and restaurants
The comprehensive showtec range covers : partylights (Showtec mini triospot, Showtec standing mirrorball, Showtec kaleidopanel I, Showtec kaleidopanel II u.a.), deco & designlight (Showtec 19" LED panel/column controller, Showtec star sky II DMX, Showtec LED aircone DMX, Showtec LED dancefloor i.e), light effects (Showtec helicopter 6, Showtec sunrise, Showtec ravebarrel, Showtec dreamer MSD-250 i.e.), strobes (Showtec jumbo strobe MKII analog, Showtec RGB-strobe 3000, Showtec strobeCon-4 u.a.), blacklights (Showtec UV-beam, Showtec UV set 20 watt i.-e.), laser effects (Showtec shogun DJ G-40, Showtec shogun laser head, Showtec cyber beam i.e.), parcans (Showtec parcan 20 long u.a.), theatre & stage lighting (Showtec stage beam MKII i.e.), light controllers (Showtec D-pack 6 classic u.a.), foggers & effects (Showtec Z-1200 i.e.) and architectural lighting (Showtec sky rose, Showtec space tracer, Showtec city color i.e).
The continues innovations and development of audio and light products has helped Highlight International, that has 95 employees, 3500 products and 10000 m² floor space to grow to a surprisingly large and professional company in this section.